Been in an Accident?

We hope our accident checklist and frequently asked question section will help.


The car looks great. Thank you. I am really pleased and would be happy to recommend your service. Caroline.

I'm amazed how you were able to completely get rid of the dents in our car from the hailstorm. I was expecting to see slight imperfections while looking at reflections on the hood, but saw nothing. Thank you Denis, it's like new. Dylan.

Thank you so much for doing such a great job on our car, it looks like new. Much appreciated, sincerely, Linda.

Orleans Collision helped me avoid a potential nightmare with a used vehicle I was looking to purchase. The previous owner downplayed the accident it had been through saying it was very minor. I brought the vehicle to Orleans Collision and Denis gave it a once over. His words after examination were. This vehicle has been in a MAJOR car accident. Needless to say and didn’t buy the used vehicle. Thanks Denis, you were a big help. Dan.